Tameika Lovell Style Commune Owner


I'm Tameika Lovell - founder of Style Commune.

  I started this business when I realised after working for 15 years in the fashion industry that I could use my skills and knowledge to help people.


The industry was a fast paced incredible experience - and I know I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for my years working in it. But i knew there was more......

I've got great attention to detail, knowledge of fabrics, an eye for trends and an ability to understand the needs of the customer. This assisted me to to rise through the ranks at the Cotton On Group - where I headed up the Trend Department for youth brand Factorie until just last year. 

Thats when I identified a gap in the market and knew that I wanted to give more and be more - so I went about creating 'Style Commune.'

Using my years of experience in the industry to empower men and women and help them to  LOVE their wardrobe again.

I want to provide an attainable and authentic service where I can empower you to enjoy your wardrobe, enjoy fashion and getting dressed everyday. To walk out of the house feeling like the best version of you and being perceived how you see yourself.

I'm incredibly lucky to be able to call this my job (not that i work a day anymore!) and meet all of the amazing men and women I do. I hope you'll take the step to join me.   

                Tameika xx