its all about following a process.... But its a FUN one!


The Consult. This is all about you. Me getting to know all about you! I want to know your fashion struggles, what you love, what you feel great in, what you'd love to try but never had the courage, what you want to achieve at the end of our time together, how you want to be perceived by the world.

I want to really know you - so I can make sure at the end of the process I have made you feel amazing and look at getting dressed everyday with new light!


The Wardrobe Edit. This can be a challenging part of the process. And a task that many of us avoid due to overwhelm and emotions.  I'm there to support you to make the decisions - What to keep, what to donate, what to throw away. 

This way we are then able to consolidate your wardrobe to pieces you LOVE and start to build a base.


The Shop. This is the fun part of the process. I am there to support you - but to also push you  to try on lots different pieces - some will work, some won't - but all of them will allow us to show you how to dress best for your shape and highlight all those wonderful parts of your body, play with colour and print and allow you to walk away with a defined style.