things are changing around us...

how we work, how we socialise, how we dress and how we feel.

I want to make sure I feel good in myself and want to make sure I make good & sustainable choices.

Trying to shop for clothes has become increasingly challenging - I want to help you understand how you can wear what you already have, what extra pieces you might need and make sure you are making sustainable choices - most importantly make you feel good. 

What We Do

why a stylist?

Looking good and feeling great is more than skin deep.

A good dose of cleansing will assist the process of feeling good.Have you ever cut out sugar or alcohol from your diet for the purpose of 'feeling better in yourself? Me too!

The same principle applies to your wardrobe. A good cleanse makes you 'feel better.'

For some of us though, the thought of entering our wardrobe is deterrent enough and it becomes one of "those" jobs that’s easily put off.

My goal is to create a fabulous and functional wardrobe that you LOVE.

While empowering you to never again spend unproductive time aimlessly staring into what currently feels like a black hole



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Shopping for my ‘work uniform’ was enjoyable and positive due to Tameika’s extensive industry knowledge and her ability to blend my needs with garments that compliment my body shape. I’m starting the school year feeling confident and grateful that I will not need to think about what I will be wearing each day!

Belinda Batty - Teacher

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